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    Advance Lining Geomembrane
    What are Geomembranes?
    Applications of Abso-Barrier Geomembrane
    Welding Method
    Earth Work
    Preparation for Geomemembrane Deployment
    The Benefits of Abso-Barrier Geomembrane Liner
    Principal Characteristics of Abso-Barrier Geomembrane
    What are Geotextiles?
    Quality Control
    Non-Destructive Testing

    Welcome to our Companysite

    SHAHZADA INDUSTRIES is leading manufacturer of the Polythene bags, tubes & sheets in Pakistan. and one of the major players in the domain of plastics. We have experience of more tan 10 years in this industry and have established a reputation for good quality and competitive prices.
    SHAHZADA INDUSTRIES is also recognized as quality and professional supplier to the industry with state-of-the-art equipments and well-trained staff.We strive to ensure that every product performs as per customer's expectations so that we achieve their complete satisfaction and loyalty.
    We are specialized in developing and manufacturing High Performance Polythene Bags, Polythene Tube ,Shrink Films and Sheeting up to 150" width, serving a variety of customer needs like packing frozen foods, rice, sugar.

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    We are proud to offer a wide selection of Polythene Products, includes:
    Polythene bags, Plain and Printed

    Carry-home pack bags

    Rolls, Sheets Shrink Films
    Shopping bags Block bags
    Garbage bags General purpose bags
    Industrial Liners Flat bags
    Nursery bags Farmer's bags
    Grocery bags Dairy bags
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    A Waste Pit Lined by Krizs Geosynthetics

    A view of Installation of Geomembrane Liner

    3. A view of a Pond lined with  Geomembrane Line

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